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Blast door

Our G21 blast door is light and easy-to-operate, protecting equipment and people in hazardous environments. We provide clients with automated production, short delivery times and worldwide service.

InterDam conducts ground-breaking door safety test

Architectural safety equipment company InterDam is pleased to announce a ground-breaking door safety test. Between July and September, 2016, the company’s engineers subjected their G21 Fire Door to a single sample blast and fire test. The result was an unqualified success. “We have now confirmed that our standard G21 Fire Door can withstand a 0.56 bar blast followed by an A60 rated fire, while remaining structurally sound,” says Managing Director Berend Groeneveld.

Blast resistant door solutions

All of our blast doors are tested and approved up to 2.5 bar blast overpressure. They are designed in accordance with on- and offshore regulations such as SOLAS 1974, IMO FTP code and EN1364, and can resist explosions in the most hazardous of locations, including:
• Offshore Oil & Gas platforms
• Control rooms
• Refineries
• Petrochemical plants